Commercial and Residential

JCo Junk is Canada's first "Mobile Above Ground Mining Company". When you hire JCo Junk, you hire our trained team of "Above Ground Miners" to recycle your materials.

We offer $4.50/bag Garbage On Demand service, Bin Rentals, and Quote a Pile of Garbage service. We service contractors, roofers, realors and property managers, industrial and commercial business and homeowners alike. Please select the tab appropriate to your area of interest for more information.

If you have a garage full of your old household items that could be repurposed through our JCo Junk's KoolStore (KeepOutOfLandfill) or your metal bed frame that could be recycled with some of Earths other precious metals to be melted down and re-used in a building project, call JCo Junk. Would you prefer to providing a family in need with a couch or bed through local donations to various local charities, or do you want you things to add to the excesses of modern life in the ever growing landfill? JCo Junk aims to keep the garbage out of the landfill unless that is where it truely belongs. Help us reduce the carbon footprint. Call JCo Junk.

  • JCo Junk is an industry leader when it comes to garbage removal, junk removal, and recycling.
  • JCo Junk has the largest fleet of yellow dump trailers in Ontario.
  • We are one of Toronto's most trusted cost effective full service garbage and junk removal companies.
  • We pride ourselves on efficiency, maximum recycling, and reducing the global carbon footprint with every job we do.
  • JCo Junk is fully licensed through the Ministry of the Environment.
  • We charge by weight NOT volume, giving you the maximum savings possible on your garbage and junk removal needs.
  • JCo Junk offers trash removal and disposal services in the GTA for residential, commercial, and industrial customers.
  • We accept cash, cheque, Visa and Mastercard.
  • We are fast, local and reliable.

Call 1-866-JCo-JUNK


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