Whether it's a large or small project JCo Junk works with the contractors needs to get rid of their construction or demolition debris.

We offer:

  • Bin rental for those that wish to load their own waste, or
  • Contractor bags pick ups ($7.50/bag) on smaller home projects, or
  • Provide flat rate quotes for piles of construction debris.






  • We rent our 10 yard bins for $160 for the bin rental plus a weight charge of $120/metric ton plus HST.
  • We require VISA or Mastercard number or $300 cash deposit when we drop the bin.
  • We ask you keep the bin no longer than a few days in the busy season but have more flexibility during off peak times.
  • There are no city street permits needed for our yellow dump trailers.
  • No $2,000 road damage deposit that is required by the City for regular drop bins in the road.
  • All we need is a legal parking spot, driveway or lawn and we can bring you your dump trailer.
  • They are great for tight spaces and laneways too.


  • We pick up contractor bags (Up to 60lbs) for $7.50 per bag.


  • If you have a pile of construction debris call 416-795-6816 and arrange a convenient time for JCo Junk to come provide you a quote and take your garbage away.
  • We accept cash, cheques, Visa and Master Card.

We want to be your garbage made easy solution.


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