Real Estate & Property Management

Clean up before the sale of your home – We cater to real estate firms, agents or home owners wanting to clean up their house before the "For Sale" sign goes up. We will gladly quote flat-rate house content removal, or just take away the stuff that needs to go. You will love our super competitive rates compared to "the big guys".

Property Managers looking to clean up homes, or apartments before your next tenant moves in love JCo Junk. We can provide the full service by taking it all away and cleaning before the new tenant arrives, or will gladly provide whatever level of service you require. We also can do prearranged garbage maintenance visits to make sure your properties don't start to accumulate unwanted garbage that the city has left behind.

Garbage On Demand Program provides regular garbage bag pick up for buildings or properties that require a daily, weekly, or multi-week solution for their garbage needs. Have a property that doesnt qualify for city pick up? We are your cost effective solution.

  • We pickup garbage for $4.50 + H.S.T. per bag. All we ask is that the garbage be in sealed, non-punctured garbage bags, no heavier than 40lbs. per bag.
  • We take it all. Whether it is organics, recyclables or regular garbage (Cardboard can be left flattened in a box, we charge $4.50 & H.S.T. per box.)
  • It can be separated or all mixed together in the same bag.
  • All our garbage is taken to a private, Ministry of the Environment approved, multi material recycling facility that diverts as much waste from landfill as possible.

All you have to do to is give JCo Junk a call  at 416-795-6816 to arrange pick up.


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