Roofing Disposal

A large part of our clientele is the roofing industry.

  • We rent our 10 yard bins for $160 for the bin rental plus a weight charge of $120/metric ton plus HST.  (weigh scale receipts available).
  • We require VISA or Mastercard number or $300 cash deposit when we drop the bin.
  • We ask you keep the bin no longer than a few days in the busy season but have more flexibility during off peak times.

Curious about the weight of your job?

(NUMBER OF BUNDLES X 75) / 2206 =  approximate tonnage of a single layer roof with no extra siding or eaves debris

The following reasons are just some of the reasons why roofers love our dump trailers.

  • JCo Junk traliers are great for those spots that the roll of bins won't fit into. Great for laneways.
  • Our dump trailers roll right up to the house underneath the roof for easy shingle stripping.
  • JCo Junk is quick and there on time when you need them for drop off and pick up.
  • No city street permits required.
  • No city "road damage" deposits ($2,000).
  • Our tires don't damage lawns, sidewalks, or roads.

JCo Junk  416-795-6816. We want to be your "every job" bin rental company.


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